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If you’re like every other human being navigating his or her way through this world, you want to look great, lose fat and feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Just like everyone else, you want a body with a base fitness that lets you hit the ground running each day with the ability to conquer any challenge put before you.

If you’re among this majority, you’ve probably tried the fad diets or other short-lived fitness trends only to see limited results, experience injuries and ultimately frustration at an inability to excel andbuild the body you want, deserve and know you are capable of achieving.

If this has been your previous fitness experience, we
welcome you to come on the journey to Get Synergy Fit.”

Synergy Fit is an approach to personal training that focuses on educating clients in the core principals of exercise, nutrition and goal based planning, creating a knowledge and foundation for success that enables clients to conquer any future fitness goal.

Is your current routine not yielding the results you desire?

It’s all in the approach.

Synergy Fit isn’t a fad or over marketed extreme routine, Synergy Fit is a 90-day individually tailored program grounded in a reality that works. Synergy Fit pairs defined and achievable goals with an education in actionable core fitness principals that enable every client to succeed.

The Synergy Fit 90-Day program is built to an individual clients needs and abilities. From the first sit-down, we determine the tangible goals each client wants to reach. This could be to simply lose weight, but more often it’s a life goal such as getting fit to run a 5 or 10k race, fit into and look great in that dress for a special event or live out an ultimate life goal such as climbing that mountain or trekking across a far away land.

Ready to Smash Your Fitness Goals?

Learn about Synergy Fit with a one on one session with our amazing training staff.

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The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Randy Hale, the owner of Synergy Fitness, has over 25 years of training and teaching in 40 different countries across 6 continents. He has studied numerous fitness techniques abroad and is a renowned Muay Thai fighter in Phuket Thailand. Randy employs his many years of experience daily in leading the Synergy Fitness team. Randy’s foundation and core approach to fitness training keep clients travelling from around the globe to train with him and his staff for weight loss, fitness, and an improved quality of life.

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